About me

Welcome. My name is Nicola. I’m a fully accredited Life Coach, trained Ceremonial Cacao Facilitator and Certified Reiki Healer. 


Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon and Scorpio rising if Astrology is your jam. 5.1 Generator in Human Design. I’m a BIG thinker, secret romantic and advocate for truth and justice. I love dogs (I mean who doesn’t?), horse riding, roller skating, abstract painting, photography, pancakes, wild woods, beaches, 80’s power ballads, spin classes and wearing coats with sunglasses. Such a look. 


My passion is all things healing, mystical, shamanic. Things that also can be explained by science and things that can only be explained by experience, a deep, sixth sense knowing. I’m currently training as a sound healer and also in resetting the nervous system. 


Durning lockdown 1.0 I sat a cacao ceremony and the next morning received a message from within that it was time to move to Cornwall. My whole body response was YES, let’s do this! So I did. Two months later I was packed up and ready to leave London for my new adventure by the glorious sea. I’ve never felt more calmer, happier or fulfilled. Life is still full of ups and downs but they are way easier to navigate when you heart is contented and full of gratitude. 


It gives me immense pleasure to empower women to take the reins of life so they can cultivate more joy, happiness and fulfilment. Is the path always easy to walk, no because our ego likes talk us out of wanting change, but is it worth it? Absolutely yes. 


As a coach and facilitator I combine my learnt skills and varied life experience from doing the work myself to support you in figuring out who you are, what you want from life and how to start on and navigate the path to getting it. 


The only way to truly understand what I do is to work with me to see for yourself. Please see my testimonials page for previous client reviews. 


So if you are craving change, wanting to squeeze more sweet juice from life or have some stuff that you would like some support in figuring out to move forward then don’t hesitate to get in touch. 


May you life be full of joy and blessings.



I really can’t recommend her enough. My advice to anyone, don’t think, just book. You will not be disappointed with the investment you make.

- Sarah