If you have found me then there is a very good chance that you are already questioning how you live your life and if you are genuinely happy? If there is more to life than going through the motions of your current reality? Maybe you have been questioning your social and familial conditioning and wondering why you behave, react and feel the way you feel? 


Perhaps you’ve had emotionally challenging, or traumatic, experiences in life and need support unpacking them so you can let go of the unresolved emotion and any adopted coping mechanisms.


One of my healers gave me a great analogy for how we go through life collating our emotional pain.


We are all born into this world as a whole and loving soul. Now imagine that you are given an empty sack. Every time you experience something that is emotionally painful you are then handed a brick that represents that pain and instead of letting go of the brick (because we very rarely are taught how to process and let go of emotional pain) you pop the brick in the sack. 


We go through our childhood, teen and adult years collecting more and more bricks. Bricks that can represent family issues, relationship break ups, grief, physical and emotional abuse, illness, work, money issues, addiction, these are just a few examples and we add them to the sack. The sack which we now having to drag around with us because it is so heavy. Eventually the sack is overflowing with bricks and impossible to move any longer.


In many instances for us to cope with the emotional weight of the sack we put into place certain numbing behaviours or coping mechanisms which could look like drinking, smoking, drugs, debt, co-dependant relationships, excessive use of social media or constant TV bingeing and over or under eating. 


At some point we may get a wake up call and we know that it is time to start unpacking the sack. Doing this by ourselves can be such a daunting task as, let’s be honest, emotional pain isn’t the easiest or most preferable thing to deal with. It’s scary and sometimes we just don’t know where to start. This is where I come in. 


I hold an incredibly safe and loving space so you feel empowered to start examining and chucking out those bricks. Together we’ll figure out how to resolve the attached emotion so you can let go of them for good. I am here for you as an impartial ear for you to speak your truth to and I promise that I will listen and never judge. All sessions are lead by you and I will never force you to do or speak about anything that you aren’t ready to examine. Your emotional safety and trust in me is the most important part of our partnership.


Please feel free to look at the testimonials page to see what my clients say about working with me. If you are curious about exploring a healing partnership then please book yourself in for a free consultation so together we can work out if we are a good match to move forward.

One off 1hr session £85

3 month transformation package of 12 x 1hr sessions £900

5 month steady development package 10 x 1hr sessions £750


Are there things you want from life but you just never seem to get round to achieving them? Do you find yourself saying “I would love to do that” but for some reason “that” feels out of reach or just not possible for you? 


Do you spend your life wondering what you could achieve if you just believed in yourself a bit more? If you knew with complete certainty how truly incredible, creative, smart, capable and resilient you are?


This is where I come in because I know for a fact you can do anything that you put your mind too. I know exactly how amazing you are because I see you clearly and you are nothing short of complete potential. The only thing that is holding you back is YOU and the life you desire is waiting for you to come and grab it with both hands. 


I’m here to help you figure out what your ultimate life looks like and together we will develop a road map of manageable steps to get you there. As you start off on your journey towards a life of your own design, I’ll be there to support you fully, I will be your biggest cheerleader and help you overcome any resistance that may pop up along the way. 


Not gonna lie, it won’t always be comfortable, there will be challenges along the path but I’ve got your back boo and I guarantee you that you won’t regret it a single second of the ride. 


If you are interested in getting exactly what you want from life and exploring a coaching partnership with me then book in a free consultation today. What are you waiting for?


One off 1hr session £85

3 month transformation package of 12 x 1hr sessions £900

5 month steady development package 10 x 1hr sessions £750


Akashic Records readings


Coming soon...

Oracle cards are an incredible tool for accessing information and guidance on your life. During these sessions, I like to pull from decks that I intuitively feel guided too and we will use these to open a discussion as to what is going on in your heart, mind, and life and then we’ll look to what the cards are guiding you towards. These sessions are super insightful and useful if you are felling a little stuck and unsure. 


1 hour reading - £45