I serve my clients by being a powerful facilitator for change, growth and healing.


I combine the practical with the spiritual and metaphysical. 


I’m not a surface level person so I’m not a surface level coach. If you are coming on a self discovery journey with me as your guide then you can expect to dive deep into the waters of yourself. Sinking freely into your depths knowing you will always be fiercely yet lovingly held by my compassion, empathy and grace. 


I’ve got you. Together let’s explore. 


Who are you? 


Who do you want to be? 


What are your desires? 


What magic do you wish to weave in the web of creation?


My clients emerge from our exchange empowered to be the powerful creator, magician, priestess that they were destined be. Freeing themselves from the constructs of society and the mind to be unapologetically whoever they want to be. 


Your life and your relationship with yourself should be the greatest love story ever told.  Write it with passion and purpose. 


For me it’s thrilling to hold space for the story to unfold. 

The experience of working with me will help you to 



✨Feel EMPOWERED to take hold of the reins of your life.


✨DEDICATE more time to yourself, your GROWTH, HAPPINESS, and JOY.


✨Get deeply connected to your HEART and learn to lead from it UNAPOLOGETICALLY.


✨Tap into your infinite CREATIVITY and MAGIC so you can design a life of complete FULFILMENT.


✨BREAKOUT of your comfort zone and LET GO of anything that’s holding you back.


✨Create BOUNDARIES around your precious energy.


✨THRIVE though cultivating ease and grace rather than driving through stress and anxiety. 




✨Start living your DREAM LIFE and EMBODYING the ultimate version of you.


I will encourage and support you in creating a daily morning ritual of meditation, Cacao and Journalling so you can get to know yourself better set the energy and tone of your day by always putting yourself first. 


I currently have a few spaces open for 1 to one coaching experiences. If you are feeling curious then book in your discovery call with me.