My Journey

Looking back I can see that I spent a lot of time on this earth feeling lost, alone and confused. I always had a sense that there was 'something' I was supposed to be doing, an elusive purpose, but I had absolutely no idea what it was or how to find out. By the time I finished college I was completely lacking clarity or direction so I decided to get a job in London and took the first one that was offered to me. I figured that financial security was the key to a happy life.  


Throughout my career I bounced from job to job, working in many creative, and seemingly exciting, industries but I was perpetually searching for fulfilment and purpose. More career success lead to more money yet I was increasingly unhappy, unfulfilled, stressed, anxious and I abandoned my needs for those of my job. I found myself constantly questioning the point of existence and why I couldn't find true fulfilment. 


Inevitably, I had also picked up a few bad habits along the way; racking up credit card debt, partying at the weekend, courting emotionally unstable relationships, entering strict dieting and exercise regimes followed by reckless binging were a few of the coping mechanisms I adopted. 


Surprisingly I was able to keep up this facade of being “fine” for years but towards the end of 2016 I knew that I couldn’t sustain it any longer. I was physically and mentally exhausted so I stopped partying, drinking and comfort spending. I cleaned up my diet, started going to yoga and exercise classes yet something still wasn’t right. I felt utterly lost and disconnected from my heart and soul. The next morning I got in contact with a therapist so I could start examining what was really lurking under the surface. 


All was ok until early 2017 when an emotional trigger instantly returned me to old ways of soothing. I felt defeated. Why couldn’t I make healthy choices for myself? Would I always be battling my self-destructive and abandoning behaviour? 

A friend recommended I see an 'energy healer', a suggestion I immediately dismissed because I only believed in science. She reasoned that if I felt that low, I had nothing to lose and I really couldn’t argue with that. 

That session changed my life and was the key that unlocked the door to my awakening journey. During the healing, I had a completely transformative experience as if something old and heavy that had been trapped inside me for years, finally left my body. Days later my inner voice started speaking to me and she had some serious truths to tell. Many weren't easy to hear, or examine, but all were necessary for me to finally let go of my pain and heal so I could move on to a life of joy, fulfilment and happiness. 

During this transformative time I also realised my purpose was to guide others through this awakening process. This lead me to becoming a certified energy healer and an accredited Life Coach. 

I am passionate about healing for we only learn how to heal others through healing ourselves. I’m fully committed to my own healing and I love exploring many different modalities as they open up a new discovery of the self. Some of my favourite methods are; meditation, energy and breath work, sound healing, light therapy, floating, body work, Kundalini yoga, plant medicines such as cacao and ayahuasca, consulting cards for guidance and journeying into the Akashic records to explore past lives. 


All of this exploration has helped me shed my past pains, discover myself, connect to my spirituality, my inner wisdom and my innate nature of knowing. I have returned home to myself. I believe that we are all spiritual beings living a human life however, we aren’t taught how to navigate this. It’s inevitable that we will get lost at points and look for a guide to show us the way back to reconnecting to ourselves in a deeper and more self-aware way.  


It’s my honour and privilege to support others on their journey of self-discovery. To hold space while they unravel generations of ancestral and social conditioning which leads to deep healing. Nothing brings me greater joy than empowering others to let go of their pain so they too can realise the incredible magic that resides inside of all of us and that love, truth and contentment can be found within one's self at any given moment. I am constantly humbled by the miracles that occur when we let go of our pain. 


I hope that we cross paths on your journey soon


With Love and blessings - Nicola