I’ve had sessions before with Nicola and they have always been pivotal in my growth, however, I had a session that completely changed my outlook on life, made me aware of social and ancestral conditioning and led me to some of my core childhood wounding.  I’m someone that’s done deep healing for 4 years and worked with high profile professionals in the field, but I’m always left shocked on how Nicola manages to break me down in a session just through talking. By break me down I mean, invite me to see through my anger, my ego and witness the pain at the root cause. This particular session she was really pushing my buttons, to the point I actually got a little angry with her, but what she was doing was perfect as she was hitting the wound right where it hurt, so it could be revealed. I really am blown away by each session and thanks to Nicola I’ve cleared some deep issues that have blocked me from abundance and living the life I deserve. I really can’t recommend enough. My advice to anyone, don’t think, just book. You will not be disappointed with the investment you make.

 - Sarah

When someone said to me a couple of years ago that they were seeing a Healer to do 'work' on themselves, I honestly had no idea what they were on about, let alone think I would be eventually going through the same process myself.  Before this, I have always thought that I am ok to cope with life's challenges and I certainly didn't realise that all of us can hold on to negative emotions which manifest themselves in our day to day lives and hold us back from our true potential. It's going on under our noses and we don't even see it!


After going through a series of traumatic events in my life in the space of 4 years; the death of my mother, a broken ankle, bad relationship, infertility diagnosis and severe anxiety attacks, I have gradually introduced more spiritual practices into my life which have put me on the correct path and make life enjoyable and fulfilling.  Even so, I still felt that something in me was off and I was self medicating with alcohol, feelings of negativity towards others and bad habits in general. Nicola was recommended to me by my friend and I decided to book a session and see what it was all about. 


I have had 4 sessions with Nicola so far and I can honestly say I am the best version of myself I have ever been and although I still have some work to do, I know who I am and what my purpose in life is. By releasing the energy in me that does not serve me, I have made space for all the good things to come my way; I used to hear others talk about this and think it was a wishy washy concept but I can assure you the results of this healing method are tangible and I am experiencing them now.  


Nicola is a safe space, with a gift of intuition which she is so completely humble about. Nicola's service is an investment in myself and considering how life changing it has been, it's worth every penny and more!  She will show you what an amazing human being you really are and you will begin to change your approach to your day to day life while watching all the good things that are meant for you, begin to start coming your way when the time is right.   


Enjoy the journey in taking back your power. You are always safe and loved. :-)

- Donna


Nicola is a beautiful, warm, inspiring woman. I came into contact with her through a mutual friend and since our first meeting, I have felt her light and warmth every day. She has guided me reprogram myself to see my worth and strength, helping me find the tools I have within to use and lean on when I need to access them. She has a beautiful aura that allows you to feel safe and vulnerable but equally has a strong attitude that helps with directing my energies. The work I have done with Nicola will stay with me for life.

- Orrin 


Even after one session with Nicola I felt de-cluttered and focussed with new perspectives to make positive changes for my future by understanding my past. Nicola’s insightfulness has guided me to access and listen to my inner wisdom and disregard all that doesn’t serve me. 

As a creative, my brain often gets clogged up with multiple projects and ideas, team this with high expectations and self sabotage and I was just at war with myself because I couldn’t see the wood through the trees. These sessions have been very enlightening and I am so grateful that I can continue our sessions during Covid 19 via zoom. I am feeling more confident and in control in who I am and what I am able to achieve.

 - Gemma

I have spent a long time feeling there is no hope, completely stuck with no way out. I tried counselling and no surprises it didn’t work for me. I couldn’t find answers and my counsellor sat opposite me for weeks nodding and agreeing with me, allowing me to cry week after week.

Nicola's approach has helped me to uncover why I am stuck. Her honesty has shown me how to clear the path and begin addressing the issues that are keeping me from moving forward. She has challenged me to make simple changes that have had huge impacts on my emotional well being revealing to me my deep rooted fears, why they are there and how to adapt.

For the first time in many years I am feeling possibility, hope, moments of pure joy and most importantly self worth.

She is a very special human being and I wholly recommend her life coaching sessions to anyone.

Thank you Nicola

- Nikki

Working with Nicola has been a privilege and hugely beneficial to me. Her wonderful energy is infectious and I leave each session feeling positive, hopeful and motivated. Not only does she tackle the practical points of identifying goals and laying out steps to get there, she also really listens to everything that’s going on with you and offers invaluable and heartfelt advice and most importantly a listening ear. I can’t imagine my life without her input. 

-  Elizabeth


I was a person that dealt with anxiety and stress daily. To the point it made me ill. I have a busy life both with work and family commitments and have spent years trying to understand my feelings, emotions and my need to be seen as perfect. 

I started working with Nicola a little after I had taken a career change and was looking at starting my own business. Nicola helped me with setting my positive business mind to succeed. In my journey I have discovered who I am, where I have come from and why I felt the way I did. Nicola was able to see things in me that I myself didn’t know were there. 

I now have a positive mind, I am me, I make time for myself and I believe in myself. Nicola has empowered me, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her.

 - Gemma

I really value the time spent talking with you, it's like reflecting on inside thoughts out loud and clearing the clutter in my head. It's very helpful.

You've really helped my self talk become less negative, to see, accept and appreciate my qualities, and in turn this has helped enormously to increase my self love - thank you for being my personal cheerleader!

You've also really helped me feel less overwhelmed by assisting me in defogging my mind so that I was able to identify what's most important to me in my life, where my focus should go to most and I've prioritised the things that make me most happy, finally.

Nicola you're a wonderful human with a kind and generous soul.

Eternally grateful.

- Carla


Nicola came into my life at just the right time. Everything had turned upside down and she was there to listen and let me know that my thoughts and feelings were completely normal- I'm human. Whether you need someone to bounce ideas off of or to have a vent with, or someone to offer tips and skills that relate to how you're doing or just to chat to, Nicola is that person. She doesn't judge or patronise, preach or overwhelm.

 - Jen


Nicola came to me through a friend at just the perfect time. I have been stuck for a long time, in a cycle of fear and uncertainty, with many ideas of how I want my life to be, but not quite knowing how to take the first step. Nicola has been a huge support; her warmth, intuitive understanding and calming guidance has been invaluable as I navigate a tangle of ingrained beliefs and feelings. I look forward to growing with her support!

 - Orla


Having Nicola guide and support me has been a life changing experience, we all need support and guidance at some point in our lives. She has been such a breath of fresh air that advised me in a low point in my life. Her understanding, support, advise, encouragement and outlook on life has been a game changer for me. 

I was able to learn how to be grateful for myself and all the wonderful things in my life.

Life is such a gift and I’ve now learnt to keep that in my heart and mind.

 - Ininaa


I had a session with Nicola and it was the perfect session for what I needed at that time. I felt a bit uncomfortable before the session as I knew what I was feeling was rather deep and if I’m honest stuff I know I was avoiding. We revisited something I had already done work around but there’s still parts of it to be witnessed and healed. Even though I felt a bit awkward before the session Nicola made me feel very comfortable and I was able to let myself go and release / cry which felt really good. She gave me some advice moving forward which I’ve already acted on and it’s made a dramatic impact on how I’m feeling. The session really helped me piece some bits of the jigsaw of my life together. For anyone looking to make some big shifts in their life, I would highly recommends Nicola and the great work she does. 

 - Sarah



A friend had recommended going to see Nicola for a healing session. After an extremely positive and incredibly emotional experience I left her feeling a huge sense of relief. I had never experienced energy healing before and I went to Nicola after a particularly strange period in my life. I had suffered a brain aneurysm and spent a long time in hospital and recovery and was feeling very unsure about myself. Nothing felt the same, my head didn’t feel like my own and there was a lot to process both mentally and physically.

I was a bit anxious of what to expect and whether I would relax properly and whether I could focus correctly and have the right experience. I am an over thinker! All of that went out of the door as soon as I sat down with Nicola. I instantly felt relaxed. She is someone that you feel you can instantly open up to and I found myself talking through my trauma openly and things came to the surface that I hadn’t even thought about before. I cried, but I didn’t feel like an idiot, I felt simultaneously calmed and reassured and positive.

Nicola is just one of those people that you want to be around all the time. She is an incredible force with the most calming energy. You feel like you can be entirely open with her, pour your heart out and not be judged, sob heartily and snottily but then you feel like you could just immediately pick yourself up and head to the pub with her to cackle and chat all night without a second thought. I cannot recommend her highly enough. 

- Katherine


My reading with Nicola was so relevant to what was going on in my life at the moment and to the answers I was searching for or rather what I wanted confirmation on. I left feeling soothed, calm and empowered to take action. Nicola has a beautiful, nurturing energy and is very intuitive. She brings such modern magic and wisdom to help you uncover the deeper meaning of your current life situation.

 - Nadia


My reading with nicola was a truly wonderful experience. Not your standard card reading, nicola helped me tune into my own truth and inner guidance through the cards. So powerful. Everything that came up really resonated and spoke to me on a soul level. I'd definitely recommend nicola

 - Sarah